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Fred -

We interviewed Fred and his Mom before it had been a year from his injury. His Mom’s story is a poignant recounting of the miracle of his awakening from coma and remarkably good recovery. While Fred is left with marked deficits at 10 months, his progress has left his Mom with the feeling that his story is nothing short of miraculous. Another interesting side note on Fred is that he had a significant mild brain injury as a child.

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The Fred blogs begin here: http://tbilaw.com/tbivoices/fred-a-miracle-recovery-brings-hope/

Fred Table of Contents

Fred - A Miracle Recovery from Severe Brain Injury Brings Hope

Fred Part Two - Emerging from the Coma

Part Three- The Process of Recovering Fred After Severe Brain Injury

Fred Part Four- Coming Home After Severe Brain Injury

Part Five - Where Fred’s Recovery is at Ten Months Post Coma

Fred Part Six - Headaches, Neurological and Visual Problems After Traumatic Severe Brain Injury

Fred Part Seven – The Mild TBI Which Preceded the Severe Brain Injury

Fred Part Eight – Believing in Nothing Short of a Miracle After Severe Brain Injury


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